Marian Crowning, May 1st

By: Makenzie Conner, ’16

The coming of spring signals a renewed time of life and celebration.  As our campus comes alive with the triumphal return of birds and flowers, the Catholic Life Club will hold an annual event to honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

In the liturgical life of the Church, May is a traditional time to celebrate and venerate Mary as the Mother of God.  This practice originated in Rome and moved to the Jesuit Colleges, eventually making its way around the Catholic world.  The month is filled with Marian hymns, prayers, and ritual celebrations.

Aquinas College takes part in this tradition through the annual May Crowning.  Here, a statue of is Mary is crowned with flowers to signify Mary’s Queenship over Heaven and Earth.  By the 1950s, the May Crowning had become a hallmark of the Aquinas campus.  This year’s Crowning will take place at 12PM on May 1st, at Touchdown Mary.  If the weather is not cooperating, the Crowning will be moved to Bukowski Chapel.  Please join Catholic Life Club in this spring celebration of our Catholic heritage and our Mother Mary.



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