What is the Paraclete?

By: Samuel Klee, ’16

Let us boldly become citizens of the digital world.  The Church needs to be concerned for, and present in, the world of communication, in order to dialogue with people today and to help them encounter Christ … The revolution taking place in communications media and in information technologies represents a great and thrilling challenge; may we respond to that challenge with fresh energy and imagination as we seek to share with others the beauty of God.

~Pope Francis, on the 48th World Communications Day

Christians everywhere have the duty to make Christ’s love present in the world, to be His voice in society.  Modern media has created a unique avenue for this mission, revealing an opportunity to edify, inspire, and renew the world.  As such, the Paraclete is our attempt as students to provide Aquinas with an authentically Catholic voice in campus media.

As a paper, we hope to provide you–the reader–with an intelligent outlet for faith-infused news and commentary.  This does not mean every article is a religious discourse, that each page will contain discrete apologetics lessons.  We enjoy sarcastic remarks, snark, and caffeine for their own sake as much as the next.  As a Catholic paper, however, the Paraclete writes with a keen awareness of the rich heritage and wealth of the Christian experience.  Take the faith seriously, live freely.

The Catholic faith is immanently practical.  It rests not in the lofty halls of philosophy, but in the tangible love of God.  A radical, living relationship with Christ translates to every dimension of life, presenting a lens by which we understand our campus, our culture, and ourselves.  It is precisely this lens that the Paraclete brings to bear.

At no point do we pretend to be dryly objective.  A monopoly of opinionless, “unbiased” writing reduces journalism to a purely mechanical exercise, which strips the human element from journalistic endeavors.  Instead, simple fairness and respect born from love shall be the core of our editorial philosophy.

We hope that you find the contents of the Paraclete intriguing, entertaining, even challenging, and that it sparks renewed dialogue on what it means to be a Christian in the modern world.


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