Wrestling with Exams

By: Danielle Flint, ’16

At this time last year, I was a freshman in my second semester, madly preparing for finals. Being a naive first-year, I decided to take TY 170, Wrestling with God, for my one and only Theology credit; even the name sounds ominous. I had already heard the horror stories about first year Marshall experiences, especially this class.  But did I listen?  Nope, I thought I could handle it; challenges are fun, right?

Taking an introductory Marshall class instills the fear of the Lord deep in your academic soul. Yet I had miraculously made it to finals, as the Marshall exam loomed at the end of the week.  I studied…studied…and then studied some more, until I reached the point where there was no more I could do; it was in God’s hands.

The exam is terrifying to enter and physically draining on the other side.  I had friends genuinely sorry for me, both before and after the fact.

Somehow I survived Wrestling with God, debatably unscathed.  As I will likely never experience another Marshall class, I look back on the experience fondly.  It was tough to get through, but God only gives us what we can handle.

While you prepare for finals, study as if Dr. Marshall is grading your exams; you will be far more prepared, regardless of professor.  However, if you do have the misfortune of a Marshall final coming up, may God and Dr. Marshall have mercy on your soul.


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