CN Conference!

……the Paraclete has found Hogwarts!


Look at it! Definitely Hogwarts…

Thursday afternoon, we discovered a veritable haven of refreshment, light, and coffee for generally conservative student publications, seeking aid and comradery in the struggle against he-who-shall-not-be-named.

Literary references aside, we’re at Bryn Mawr (near Philadelphia) for the 2015 Collegiate Network Conference with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute…and it’s fantastic.  The conference goes until Sunday, and we’ll be bringing lots of new ideas, insights, and enthusiasm back for the Paraclete’s second year.

Many things have happened this summer in our country, our culture, and our Church–from Bruce Jenner and Obergefell to Laudato Si–all of which will hold deep, tangible ramifications for the future. This year, the Paraclete will grapple with such topics, engaging them boldly in charity and truth (and, hopefully, snark).  As students, as stewards of culture and citizens of the future, these issues matter to you, your campus, and your faith–so let’s start the conversation!

In the meantime, enjoy the summer–the Paraclete is coming!

-Sam Klee


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