The Man-Crisis

Photo courtesy Horia Varlan

Photo courtesy Horia Varlan

by Devin Ryan, ’16

Aquinas, we have a man-crisis.  Feminists may cry out against the ills patriarchy, yet today more than ever we need authentic male leadership and fellowship within the Church.

In an interview from earlier this year, Cardinal Burke spoke to Matthew J. Christoff about the growing “Man-crisis” in the Church. Burke believed this Man-crisis is a result of disappearing male spaces and a fading feeling of masculine purpose or duty within the Church. Men have stopped volunteering in Liturgical activities such as the Mass, and the number of altar boys is ever decreasing. Indeed, Burke noted, one can plainly see that men are disappearing from many spheres of Christian life, as activity in the Church, school, parish, and communal life are subtly declining. In order to combat this, the (m)e(n)xodus in Christian circles, Cardinal Burke and others has proposed the “New Emangelization,” which seeks to re-engage men in the fullness of Christian life.

Realizing this necessity for Christian male fellowship, a group of devoted men have come together to form an inclusive atmosphere for the engagement of men, in a positive, Christian environment on campus. Every Friday night of the school year, this “Men’s Group” meets to discuss various topics relevant to young Christians today.  Issues addressed ranged from the call of discipleship to promoting the Christian lifestyle in an increasingly secular society.

However, while deep discussions certainly take place, the group is not purely conversational. The main goal of this group is the promotion of Christian fellowship among its members and in-turn extending this fellowship to the college as a whole.

…we have fun, people.  The isolation and separateness among many Christians today calls for unification and support of our students–and pizza, we learned, is a wonderful catalyst for fellowship.

Last year was a fantastic experience, and we’re planning to carry it forward in the fall!  So, all men are warmly invited to attend the Men’s Group gatherings. You need bring nothing, except yourself, of course. We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions or concerns contact me, Devin Ryan, at


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